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The convenience of erectile dysfunction pills soon made Viagra® a household name.

As Viagra® is a prescription only drug, many men looked for herbal alternatives that they could purchase discretely online. This section looks at the most popular herbal versions, plus generic cheap Viagra® and Cialis®.

Viagra® has to be taken a while before intimacy, so we also look at popular herbal Viagras that are both fast acting and longer lasting, like Cialis for example.

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Many herbs have been used for years to increase sex drive and sexual energy. This section looks into the most popular formulations, their history and effectiveness.

  • Improves Erectile function in men.
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Premature ejaculation can be solved easily and inexpensively. This section looks at the easiest way to guarantee that you will last much longer.

Three approaches are examined: "Delay" creams, delay condoms, and delaying drugs that are combined with generic versions of Viagra®.

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This section covers our most popular women's products, including popular toys. Female libido can be linked to hormonal changes so we also look at popular female Herbal solutions.

We also look at the subject of natural breast enlargement capsules and creams.

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Many men wish to add permanent length and girth to their penis. This section looks at the most popular products available in this respect.

Two approaches are commonly used: Herbal formulations and what are commonly known as penis extenders/penis pumps. We examine techniques that are clinically proven to increase penis size permanently and also look at different penis enlargement systems and which are the most convenient to use.

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In this section you will find penis enlargement pumps, together with masturbation aids and a broad selection of glass dildos.


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Prior to the discovery of Viagra®, the only option open to men with erectile dysfunction was to give themselves injections directly into the penis. This changed overnight when the first erectile dysfunction drug came onto the market. The word Viagra® became a household name, but more importantly allowed men to talk more openly about what is a rather embarrassing subject to many.

So the good news was that this provided a prescriptive pill for men to enjoy their love lives again. However many were still embarrassed about going to a doctor to get a prescription and then go to the pharmacy to collect it. Logically many men turned to what is often termed Cheap Herbal Viagra as this didn't need a prescription. To help you understand its action we will briefly examine how the drug version works:

What Viagra® actually did was help the medical profession fully understand the mechanics of an erection: Without getting into too much medical terminology there are two different things that it is looking to achieve: The first is that it needs to relax the arterial system leading to the penis. Such arteries have muscles inside them that can be constricted to lower blood flow and relaxed to increase blood flow. When a male starts to think of having any form of sexual encounter, the nervous system releases a substance known as nitric oxcide into the blood that brings about this relaxation of the arterial walls. (Technically it is slightly more complex in that nitric oxide stimulates cyclic guanosine monophosphate (cGMP), which in turn relaxes the arterial walls).

Once the patent had run its course, cheap Viagra came onto the market in a generic form made predominantly by Indian drug companies. So if you run a search on Viagra UK or or buy Viagra, you are usually directed to non UK sites, because it is still a prescriptive drug in the UK.

So part one of the herbal Viagra's function is to increase nitric oxide levels: Many herbs are clinically proven to do just that. However it is worthwhile pointing out that the active fraction of these herbs is normally very small, so a highly concentrated extract will bring about much stronger results.

Once the erectile chamber are allowed to fill with blood after this arterial relaxing (vasodilation) you ideally want the erection to go away again once you have "finished". The body therefore has evolved to produce an enzyme that breaks down the cGMP. That is the very interesting second step that a herbal viagra needs to have: It must block the enzyme that removes the cGMP. When the removal of cGMP is blocked, it effectively locks the blood into the erectile chambers and holds the erection for longer.

There is another aspect to erectile problems that does not involve the "plumbing issues" outlined above: As a male ages, his testosterone typically begins to decline. This decline simply stops him being in the mood for a sexual encounter. So unless you maintain youthful levels of testosterone, the effects of Viagra® cannot come into play, because it is ultimately the mind that kick starts the hormonal cascade that leads to an erection. It follows that the herbal viagra that you chose should also contain extracts from herbs that are known to increase testosterone levels too.

See Proman Max for such a formula: Click here. However there is one little warning that you need to be aware of: When testosterone levels decline, penis size decreases, so this formula may also increase your penis size too.