Erection Pills - Side Effects of Erection Pills

There are many side effects that people may suffer from when they take erection pills. The side effects may be minor or they may be severe. It is important to understand how to recognize potential side effects so you know what to look for. This can help you remain healthy and immediately stop taking the pills if you experience any side effects.

There are side effects with erection pills that people should consider when taking them. If you notice anything severe then you should consult a physician, pharmacist, or head directly to the emergency room for immediate treatment. These side effects include hypotension, priapism, myocardial infarction, ventricular arrhythmias, and even stroke.

There are medications that can cause problems and should not be combined with erection pills. People who are taking pills like protease inhibitors for treating HIV virus should beware of potential dangers. The problem with erection pills and this medication is that it enhances the plasma levels of the erection pills, which increases the incidence and the severity of the side effects. People who are taking protease inhibitors should take small dosages of the Sildenafil or Viagra and work closely with a doctor.

There have been side effects with erection pills like Sildenafil and Viagra affecting the eyes. Some people have complained of problems associated with their eyes. For example, some people have experienced cyanopsia, which causes you to see everything in blue colors. You lose your colorful eyesight and everything you look at is blue. Some people have experienced blurry vision while others have complained of a loss of peripheral vision. The Food and Drug Administration determined in 2005 that Sildenafil and Viagra can lead to problems and impairment of vision. If you experience problems associated with your eyes when you are taking medication to improve your problems with erection then you should stop immediately so it doesn't lead to blindness.

There is also a risk of losing hearing with taking erection pills. These pills contain an inhibitor known as PDE5 which can cause deafness. If people take alpha blockers or blood pressure medication may suffer from low blood pressure too.

There are side effects to erection pills like Viagra and Sildenafil that are normal and they are not as severe. You might experience a slight headache that can be cured with some ibuprofen. You might experience some facial flushing and an upset stomach. The frequency of the lighter side effects go away after time and you shouldn't expect these to occur every time you take these pills. These side effects have never been so severe to cause people not to take the pills.

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