ATTENTION! As the official distributers of the original and genuine Golden Root Complex we inform you the product has been discontinued by the manufactures and is no longer available. You may find products that have been manufactured with the same or similar brand names but these would not be the original authentic Golden Root Complex. With customers safety in mind we do not recommend the "cloned versions" of Golden Root Complex that are available on the Internet.

We can recommend and offer you the products Amorelo and Viapro as below. Both products are supplied with a 100% Money back guarantee if not fully satisfied.


Amorelo / Herbal V - Amorelo 375mg capsules – The Blue Pill

Amorelo / Herbal V

Amorelo is an herbal sexual enhancement capsule to help men achieve long lasting erections. Amorelo is also referred to as an "Herbal V" product. The effectiveness of Amorelo comes from its blend of safe and effective herbs.

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Viapro - Erectile Dysfunction capsule


Viapro has been likened to the medication Cialis due to its long lasting effects and is commonly known as "Herbal Cialis". Cialis effects are reputed to last for over 48 hours.

The effectiveness of Viapro comes from its blend of specially selected ingredients. These potent and natural ingredients help to increase the blood flow enabling men to achieve strong long lasting erections.

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