Herbal Viagra - A global phenomenon


The conventional form of the drug, Viagra, is designed to help with erectile dysfunction and was founded in 1998. Since then, in its first year alone Viagra’s sales topped $788 and became a house hold name the world over. However, healthy men are also taking advantage of the situation in an attempt to improve and intensify their sexual experiences.

Since then, herbal equivalents have been coming out of the wood work, with origins in countries such as:


With a reputation for being avid fans of herbal alternatives to the usual medicinal cures, China has their own version of herbal Viagra too. However, despite predictions for their version known as “weige” to be a top seller, it never got the opportunity as the government banned all Viagra look a likes.


Across continents, the Africans have also developed their version of the herbal Viagra. Their form is known as “vuka vuka” which stands for wake up wake up and is now rumoured to be the most used drug in the whole of Zimbabwe. Unlike conventional Viagra, vuka vuka is taken in liquid form and is supposedly stronger in effect than the real thing!


According to sources in Lebanon, extracts from the Hairy Root plant can be taken as herbal Viagra. Grown 6,000 feet up in the mountains, it is not the easiest to get hold of but apparently, if you can get hold of it, it can be taken in powder form mixed into tea or in capsules.


Rather than Canada having their own form of herbal Viagra, it was a Canadian scientist who claimed extracts from the plant Tribulus Terrestris can help with male impotence and increase sperm mobility and strength. Tribulus is, rather than being found up a mountain, is a lot more accessible all over the world and is an herb thought to be able to help lower blood pressure and act as a diuretic as well as overcome impotency.

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